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    Why would anyone want to walk in darkness when you have discovered the opportunity of a lifetime to speak with a authentic, transparent, genuine Lightworker? If you could see your way out of darkness you wouldn’t need a lightworker shining the light would you? So why is there a need for a light worker to exist in your lifetime? Hi there…look around you. Have you realized that You’ve come to the light! Spirit Sunshine is empathetic, communicative, caring, and loving.  Expanding “in love” and truth is inevitable.  You matter this is why you are here. Are you discovering where it is you want to go? Or are you going (In circles? in boxes? trapped in illusions / delusions or have you chosen to go up in spiritual / conscious elevation?) the choice is always yours (or is it?).  Spirit Sunshine is excited to speak with you about any movements & motions that will lead you into eternal consciousness elevation and happiness 4ever.

    Some abilities are beyond question. If you didn’t know, how could you know? If you did think you thought you knew (but when you realized the knowing wasn’t yours) what did you really know? There is no need to convince you of what is real and what is not real. Have you ever questioned whether the spirit or soul is real or not real? Is there any room for doubt when asked if the Sun is real? The name obviously predates all of creation thus speaks for itself. Is the Spirit real? Is the Sun real? Introducing the unique anomalous phenomenal gifts and abilities of Spirit Sunshine. When seeing, hearing, knowing and experiencing spirit & sunshine for yourself proves to you what is real. Spirit Sunshine is excited to speak with you as you enter the domain of real lasting unconditional love, truth, happiness, intelligence, consciousness elevation and spiritual energy

    Affordable Sessions. Per minute rates & Hourly rates are available.  A Lightworker is a Heavy worker skilled in several diverse spiritual consultations. The world is filled with many thoughts, ideas and beliefs) Spirit Sunshine encourages her clients to request their own specific spiritual style, reading or type of Lightworker consultation.  Special offers and consulting packages are also available for clients.

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    40 + years Lightworker, Spirit Guide, Intuitive Gifts. Lifetime achievement award guiding humanity (and the evolutions of the human species consciousness) since eternity (creation)