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Rozzebud - (Rozalia - Body Mind Spirit Coach)
Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

English, French, Polish
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    I work online as a Spiritual Advisor, Tarot reader, Reiki Healer and Health Coach, providing guidance through mindfulness and meditation, as well as Nutrition, Lifestyle Recommendations, and Online Personal Training. I am certified as a Strong Nation Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Cognitive Support Specialist. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Food Science and nutrition and currenly am doing my Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences. I am an independent contractor for most companies, and thus I am confident with being online with clients and on video, communicating, moving, and delivering knowledge, education and guidance for my clients to succeed in their health, life and fitness.

    Surrounded by forces that dominate our minds and lives. As long as people have been on Earth we’ve been calling these forces deities. It is a way to express our amazement and admiration for the mysteriously beautiful creation of this universe. When we experience this as filled with love and care, we call it divine. Trying to express this word our awareness of some transcendent consciousness that is behind the game of life. We created forms for these divine forces to express their different characters. These forms are made by humans to get more undersatnding of the forces that are present in nature. When we can see the divine in them we can move easily free ourselves from desires that try to push us in harmful directions, away from desires that we identify with so fully that they become the central motivating forces that create the psychodramas of our lives.

    The reason I became an intuitive advisor

    I have always been sensitive to energy and those around me. In my early twenties I went through what many in the spiritual community would call, Dark Knight of the Soul, while those in the psychological world would call; Depression. I had trouble expresing my self, and was in a very low place in my life. I was so sensitive to energies around me, I often felt I was walking on egg shells, and was terrified to speak up and say what was on my mind. I feared that others may react or disapprove of my truth. Though temporary, this time of silence and internalisation connected me to my intuition, and my journey to self began. I was introduced to Reiki healing where my spiritual journey began. My own personal path of healing was guided intuitively and thus I hoped to also help others find their way.

    This is what makes getting a reading with me a unique experience

    During a reading, I will often bring you into a safe energetic space. The goal is for you to feel that you are safe, not judged and treated with respect. I will often create a balanced energy for the both of us, and provide you truth and clarity about your situation. Though I am honest, and blunt, I will make sure to help you leave the situation with an optimistic frame of mind, and peaceful state. Our goal is to focus on the spiritual health, but I will also target physical, emotional and mental health if the you (the client), or myself sees potential for improvement or opportunity in those areas. I provide a holistic approach, helping you come back to balance, looking forward to the rest of your experience.

    Tarot Reading/ Astrology: Clairvoyant and Claircognitent Psychic offering spiritual guidance through tarot reading and astrology. I will provide you clear, conscious truth about your situation, and work to find clarity, guidance and a positive solution and outlook on your current life circumstances. Love, Relationships, Career Path, Finances, Destiny, Blocks, Traumas, Fears and Insecurities, I can connect to whatever you need. **I do not answer PREGNANCY and MEDICAL related question. Please see a health care provider. 


    Reiki Healing: Distant Reiki Healing. Energy healing through meditation. I will go into your psyche during meditation, and i will work to align and balance your chakras. This will help your Body, Mind and Spirit face your current energetic blocks, in which keep you limited, in fear, and keeping you from living your fullest life potential. I will provide you a chakra report 2-4 days after your Reiki Session, to help guide you during your path to healing. post practice.

    Nutritional Program + EBook: I will create a nutritional program customized for you and your biochemical individuality. Every person is different, and based off of the information I receive from your lifestyle assessment and symptomology assessment; I will understand which system(s) in your body are out of balance, and may be affecting your physical anatomical health. You will receive a Digital E Book, that will guide you, provide you Nutritional, Lifestyle, Supplemental and Spiritual Recommendation to better help you heal chemically within and out. This book will also include custom made recipes and meal plan for your necessary needs. 

    Animal Flow Beginners Class: **COMING SOON** – Save your Spot with me now 🙂 Virtual Animal Flow classes, delivered on zoom 1 -3 times a week. I have not yet organized these classes, but they will be launched in the next 3-4 months. Message me now and get a early bird special , and early spot ! 🙂 

    Strong Nations HITT Classes: **COMING SOON** – Released in the next 3-4 months. Contact me if you want to get the early bird deal special and reserve your spotHigh Intensitity Interval Virtual Classes on Zoom designed with a perfect fitness routine to music, made to make you sweat, work your muscular endurance and burn an epic amount of calories. You will be fit, cardiovascular healthy and pumped up for the rest of your day! 

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    Tarot Reader Certified

    Astrology Certified

    Cognitive Support Specialist

    Registered Holistic Nutritionist

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Bachelors of Science in Integrated Sciences, Minor in Food Science and Nutrition

    Masters of Science in Nutrition Sciences