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Randy C. Mabry
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I began this journey that led to you reading this Back in 2000.  Now I will say I’ve known “things” and “don’t do that “and “don’t go there” as a young adult I attended High school and later college like most young people do. I pursued a profession I loved from the 7th Grade. And life was good.  I later married and divorced and then moved back to my home town. the luster of life now was not so bright after all my career took a serious left turn and I had to start all over.  I met a wonderful lady in 1997 and pursued a career using my degree.  Now you’re probably asking what does this have to do with being a psychic? Right? I ‘m telling you this so you will know I understand loss, I understand pain, I understand life trials, tests, and world crashed on April 7th, 2000.  The love of my life passed suddenly of a brain aneurism, the following day I found out my father had already passed earlier sometime either the same day or before.

Thus, the Journey began, the healing, grief, pain, disappointment, anger… Yes, I understand it all too well. I began counseling and through those sessions I was instructed to say what ever came to my mind no matter what. My councilor received a phone call during one of my sessions and I told her “your son just wrecked his motorcycle he’s okay his left leg is going to need surgery but he’s ok” and left the room to give her some privacy.  Upon re entering the room she was pail and asked me “how did you know that” I was so accurate in the details it rattled both of us. Phase two of the journey begins, I started to meditate, and learned to ground soaked up everything I could on the phenomenon called Psychic Ability. Before I knew it was giving readings, doing psychic fairs, expos, radio and live on stage presentations. Later I got a job on a website and my gifts grew even stronger. So yes, I can relate to life’s twist and turns.  I wont tell you what you want to hear I’ll tell you what I see, hear, sense, I see visuals, sometimes like a moving video, sometimes symbols  I even see tarot cards at times. Another thing, I don’t start timing readings until I know and you know I’ve made a connection.

all readings are connection  timed once i have connected i start  timer

general or specific area readings : 15 minute  at a rate of $30.00

general  or specific topic readings : 30 minutes  at a  rate of $ 50.00

channeling   is  $ 80.00  ( limit to  30 minutes max unless i have extensive information during connection)

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