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Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette
Recognized By CBS As A Top 4 Psychic Medium Paranormal Investigator In Houston Texas

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$240.00 - $500.00
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Pamela is an Indigo Child who has had abilities her entire life. Her heritage is Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, and German. Her zodiac is a Pisces, which is the number one zodiac sign to be blessed with strong psychic abilities. Her local CBS recognizes Pamela as a top 5 Psychic Medium in her area. Her top goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers you seek, & to help you find the unconditional love & happiness in Love, Career, Finances, yourself & the world around you — guiding you with her psychic medium abilities through the turmoils of everyday life. Supernatural Medium attributes are great for communicating with your spirit guides, guardians, & our lord’s angels, including but not limited too, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. To help you find answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Helping you see your best course of action in all life situations. Pamela has gained international recognition as a top 5 -star psychic medium, master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, Indigo, Paranormal Investigator, ordained minister & life coach.

Come Now on a journey into the psychic realm as you have never experienced before! I tell it like it is no ifs and or buts about it. I give accurate information. I don’t tell you what you want to hear, but what is there.

Explanation of Time Frames: Let us say I see a dark 26 for a time frame. That means it’s a late 26 so like two months six days or on the 26th day of any month. The longest would be February 6th. If it is dark or light red, then that would be an earlier time such as 26 days or 2 days at 6 pm, 2 hours 6 mins — the numbers I see come into play up to 98.9% of the time.

Pamela does not claim to be 100% accurate; nor does she claim to read all people equally. Readings comprise a group of impressions that are the most likely possibility at the time of her readings. You always have choices and are free to make those choices, which can affect anything she may see today. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide.

Pamela’s Abilities Include:

Angel Communication is the psychic ability to hear messages from the angels.

Aura is a psychic reading with the colors which surround every living thing

Dream Interpretation Interprets the things you see within your dreams

Energy is reading the psychic energy that emits from everything animate & inanimate

Clairvoyance a psychic receives information from extra-sensory perception.

Clairaudience, a psychic, is hearing outside the normal range (ultra frequency) sound.

Clairessence, a psychic, intuitively smells that which is not present.

Cartomancy is psychic divination by using ordinary playing cards.

Ceromancy is psychic divination by wax dropped into water, uses a traditional red candle.

Channeling a psychic who moves their self out of the way and allows others, such as the angels, to speak or act through them

Empathy is the psychic ability to not only detect what others feel but also to experience that emotion yourself.

Lampadomancy a psychic form of divination from looking into the light of a lamp, or flame of a candle.

Mediumship is divining through (various forms of) communication with the dead.

Numerology uses NAMES, birth date & time, reduced to equivalent numbers.

Remote Viewing the psychic ability to “detach” a part of his “consciousness” and have it “travel” to a location

Spiritual Cleansing is an ancient practice, recommended in the Bible and found in all parts of the world.

Tarot uses different types of layouts of various playing cards; specifically designed for psychic divination.

Live In-Person Psychic Readings Rates

  • 20 mins = $70.00

  • 40 mins = $140.00

  • 60 mins = $210.00 + 10 Free ($35.50 Savings )

Psychic Readings By Phone and Facebook Chat/Video Rates

  • 20 mins = $80

  • 40 mins = $160.00

  • 60 mins = $240.00 + 10 Free ($40.00 savings )

    • Text Readings Now Available:

    • $10 per yes or no question

    • $20.00 per / each regular general question up to 5 questions

    • $15 per / each regular question for 6-10 questions

    • $10.00 per  each regular question for 11-20 questions

    • Prepay via PayPal then text your 1st name date of birth, names of people their dates of birth if known, and or names of places you are asking about to 832-896-9970. After I verify payment I will respond with your answers according to their order and types of questions asked.

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