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Michelle Gray
Michelle The Intuitive Reader, LLC

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Davenport, FL, United States
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$50.00 - $180.00
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    I am an intuitive psychic reader and energy healer providing guidance to those dealing with problems in their lives, careers, and relationships. Some of these problems may be unknown to you. My role is to feel emotions from within and around you, which will help you discover underlying issues.

    Through my readings, you will gain a clearer insight on how to handle present challenges and move forward in life. I give very accurate, descriptive messages, and I am very straight forward with my information for validation. Consult with your intuitive psychic and certified life coach today.

    Psychic Readings

    Consult With an Intuitive Psychic

    As an intuitive psychic, I receive clairaudient and clairvoyant messages that I share with a client in my readings. Whether it is a question on career, family conflicts, finances, health, love, or relationships, etc., my reading is accurate, descriptive, and straight-forward. I feel that most client’s are looking for either validation or have an sense that something is off. By the end of the reading, I want the client to come away from the reading with better clarity with their situation. 

    We are all energy beings so being empathic, I feel people’s emotions all the time.  A client can feel a lot of anxiety, or may need to make a decision about a career or their love life. Whatever the situation, I work with the client to find the best solution.

    I help you connect with your true emotions, as well as the emotions of those important to you. This way, you will discern a positive direction to take in your life. I also conduct life coaching to help you figure out the goals you want to achieve.


    Intuitive Readings/Reiki Energy Healing Sessions/Life Coaching Sessions

    My services include intuitive psychic readings, Reiki healing energy sessions, life coaching, and psychic readings for parties. Get in touch with me to discuss the rates for my services.

    15/$50; 30/$100; 45/$140; 60/$180

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    Certifications, Degrees, Awards

    CERTIFIED: Life Coach Health and Wellness Coach

    Psychic Development: 2008 to Present

    Mediumship Trained: Courses by Mavis Patilla; Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh