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Matt Roberts
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Hello beautiful people.  Remember you have a beautiful soul who is having a human experience.  As an animal communicator I help strengthen the human animal bond.  Have you lost animal and are grieving?  Are you having trouble communicating with your animal and want to have a better understand of what they think and do?  As a channelor of healing I communicate with universal oneness-angels, ascended masters, loved ones to help bring light into the shadow self and heal traumatic experiences.  The healing I provide is different per session on an individual basis.  It like pealing layers of an onion.  So are you tready to transform your live?

$95 via phone

$75 via video chat

$95 in person

If you want your aura and charkas read I need a photo sent to me.   I can communicate with you over the phone or by video chat.

Channeling to the higherself and higher vibrational energies of uncondtional love and light to cleanse past life trauma, trauma from current life, help with lost of love one, help heal from lost of animal, removing cords and attachments, balancing chakras by removing blockages, strengthen auric fieild and so much more.

Communicating with animals if you ever had an animal so you understand how strong the human animal bond is.  Communicating with animals that are deceased and living along with animal totems that are your guides to deliver messages of uncondtional love.  Remember if you are stressed or have anxiety your animals can pick them up as well.


When it comes to healing it’s not just transforming healing spiritually it about brings all transformation towards one’s overall health.
I help people with animal behavior to achieve a better understanding of how their animals think, feels and act along with strengthening the human and animal bond.
How do I do this? I use my empathic and telepathic abilities to communicate with the animals to relay the messages that they have for their animals. I also use my energy healing modalities to work on them both so each one is relaxed and open.
What does a shaman practitioner do?
I work with animal totems (guides) by going into different dimensions allowing people to heal their shadow self.
What is shadow self?
Shadow self is all the buried past traumas that a person has carried throughout their multiple lifetimes including this one.
Does the totem conduct you in the process of healing the shadow self?
Animal totems like any other guide can carry on the healing process as long it’s for your highest good.
What are the effects can one’s shadow self carry on a person?
Someone who is angry or sad all the time can not only lead to anxiety and depression but can also affect the body physically as well. An example I helped a friend who was sexually abused by a family member get over the trauma. He was carrying on the hurt, guilt, and anger for so long that he no longer loved himself and that he developed a poor self-esteem/image and that he developed cancer. Not saying that was 100% of the reason why he developed the cancer, since I am not a trained licensed professional but his anger did help manifest and lead him towards getting cancer. In the past, a therapist and psychologist were not able to help him because he was not ready. Fortunately, after one session he was able to go see a therapist and psychologist help him deal more with the trauma. I was merely there to help him get towards the right step in finding the right help and he is cancer-free.
Is healing the shadow self easy?
It depends on you the client. Like anything else in life, you can make things easy or hard for you. Do you want to put in the hard work or not? If you haven’t done any healing towards better yourself then it can be painful but it can also be very magical as you see yourself transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Its all about how you make of it and how much work you want to put towards yourself. Remember that you are beautiful and god doesn’t make mistakes.
What are the after-effects of this work?
You may feel more energized. You may feel sleepy. You make experience the onset of different emotions throughout the rest of the day. or even the next few days. Remember I am not a trained medical licensed professional but this can be used with. I do suggest you get plenty of rest after and drink water along with if you can take Epson salt baths and be out in nature to help with the healing process. Drinking water is very important it helps flush out any more toxic energies that no longer serve you. Of course, you may be tired so no heavy lifting or driving heavy machinery after because you did do some energy healing and it can be very draining.
Are there offerings that I can make to a totem?
Like most spirit guides just showing gratitude can be enough. IF you want you can ask them to help strengthen your bond if there’s anything they may want. Look for things in nature that would remind you of them. Having a picture of them and lighting a candle or incense is also a good way to honor them.
IF a person has some aspect about themselves that is considered “less than ideal” or some obstruction or obstacle you help them bring healing?
Yes, I work with the highest vibrations by channeling through my higher self, holy spirit or christ consciousness. I work with both our guides, master guides, angles, and animal totems. I remove these cords, attachments or blockages that someone may have put on themselves or allowed others to put on them such as judgments, fears, anger, hurts, trauma or other negative lower vibrational emotions. I shine the light on these shadow aspects so people can feel better about and love themselves better so they find a loving lasting relationship or find a better paying job or improve their finances or even be a better person for their friends, family, and animals.
What are chakras?
There are 7 main chakras. They are like a steady flow of a stream running along your body. If for whatever reason they can become blocked.
Do you do this by means of shamanistic rituals or meditations?
I combined all my abilities as an energy healer and channeler along with my shaman practice. I work with the angels to remove any blockages in the chakras, cleanse your auric field (energy shield), and release any memories that your cells can carry. Your cells have their own internal memories that are stored within your dna.
Does this require the person to be physically present?
I require that the person by either in person face to face, video chat or over the phone. Also, the person must be open-minded and willing to put in the work. I am a tool and messenger if the person doesn’t want to put in the work or is not fully functional or paying attention then this will not work.
What is the format of a typical consultation? Do you obtain a bunch of relevant input from the client and then proceed with your working?
I do require some interaction with the client. Yes, I will do most of the talking but if I don’t receive any input they there is no way of knowing if I am on the right track. The session is an hour-long which may require multiple sessions. Each session with me is $75. Unless you are a veteran then its $45 per session. I do open with calling in the 7 directions, which are east (new beginnings), south (protection), west (old door closing), north (beloved ancestors), mother earth, universal oneness (angels, master guides, totems), and higher self.
How is payment conveyed to you? I accept cash in person. If it’s long-distance, I do not accept checks. I can send an invoice through PayPal or square which needs to be paid in full before a session. There is a non-refundable deposit for appointment time slot so if someone cancels after 24 hours.
Do you easily obtain information from Askakic records?
I can see my higher self bringing the client’s records to that person and together our higher selves will bring healing. I will only see information that is necessary for the client at the time of the healing.
Does this pertain to healing one’s shadow self?
It can be, just like any illnesses mental or emotional can be tied with physical and spiritual. Healing one’s shadow self is linked to everything else-the askakic records, past lives, end of relationships, fears, etc.
How do I do know when it is time for a follow-up appointment?
You will just know when the timing is right. Remember this work is like peal layers of an onion so when you think you have exposed one layer and healed in one area of your life its time to work on the next layer.




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I highly recommend Matt’s services. His intuitive connections were able to deliver the exact messages I needed exactly when I needed them. It has b...
I highly recommend Matt’s services. His intuitive connections were able to deliver the exact messages I needed exactly when I needed them. It has been a freeing experience ever since. If you are considering booking a session with him, do it!
Matt was on point and validated some many things no one else could. Loved ones came through and many questions were answered. He was amazing!!!I hi...
Matt was on point and validated some many things no one else could. Loved ones came through and many questions were answered. He was amazing!!!I highly recommend him!