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Kerri Anne Byrnes
SoulFlow Intuitive Counseling & Wellness LLC

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Danbury, CT, United States
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$90.00 - $500.00
Detailed Information

I am an Intuitive Counselor who provides psychic readings, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Healing, and coaching for wellness and relationships. I also lead meditations, teach psychic development and conduct hypnotherapy sessions. When we work together, my empathetic nature will shine through, and you will know that you are supported and unconditionally accepted as you seek clarity and spiritual development. Know that I am here in love and service, and will always tailor our work to your specific needs.

Psychic Readings – Using a combination of Tarot and other divination decks, as well as a pendulum for more specific details, I help access your unconscious, as well as information from the spiritual realms so that we can find answers to your various questions. Occasionally my mediumistic abilities may come into play, so that channelling of spiritual guides may also be a part of the process.

$70 for 3 divination decks and pendulum; $140 for 5  divination decks and pendulum

Intuitive Counseling – This involves using my divination techniques for a specific purpose – to help you uncover what you may want to work on within yourself. After doing an intuitive reading, we select an area that could benefit from learning to use tools such as meditation, hypnotherapy, psychic development, or energy healing.

$90 for 60 minute session

Coaching Sessions – will be conducted over video chat or over the phone. 

$90 for 60 minute session, $40 for 30 minute session, $15 for 15 minute turbo-session. * Turbo-sessions only available after 3 completed sessions*

Wellness Coaching – We learn which areas of your wellness that you would like to improve, and together select options such as:

  • mindful meal-preparation/automation or creating healthy menus
  • establishing an exercise routine that works for you
  • organization techniques to clear that mental clutter we can all experience
  • holistic techniques to still the mind, including various Mindfulness and Meditation techniques
  • creating a schedule that best suits you
  • Exploring ideas that bring more creativity and fun into your life
  • Reduction of Stress using different holistic modalities

Relationship Coaching – Not only can we work together on reviving, or creating a healthy relationship with boundaries within the realm of romance, we can also re-learn how to communicate properly and authentically in the digital age no matter who we’re connecting with. Some options include:

  • Relating to co-workers and superiors in the work environment
  • Better communication skills within the family structure
  • Building friendships and learning how to resolve conflict
  • Enhancing self-confidence in situations with new people
  • Dedication to connecting with others away from texting or social media apps

Hypnotherapy – Conducted over videochat, these sessions help to release anxiety while installing new and positive ideas/habits into the subconscious mind.

$90 for 1 hour

Meditation – Private sessions online or over the phone are available for instruction in Meditation techniques, as well as Guided Meditation sequences. Classes are available online for multiple students.

$50 for Private Meditation instruction, $20 for Teacher-led guided meditation session.

Reiki Energy Healing and Ilyri-Nu Energy Healing – On a limited basis, sessions may be conducted in person, following all state government mandated safety protocols for Coronavirus. Online energy healing sessions are also available.

$70 for 60 minutes in-person session. Distance energy healing sessions: $30

Psychic Development – Sessions are conducted over the phone, and over video chat and can include instruction in energy healing techniques, telepathy, astral projection, performing psychic information extraction, and dreamwork.

$90 for 60 minute session.

** If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please reach out to me regarding sliding scale fees or payment plans. **

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Certifications, Degrees, Awards

Relationship Coach Certification (IAP Career College) 2020
Wellness Coach Certification (IAP Career College) 2020
Karuna Reiki Master Certification (Master S. Drakeley) 2020
Integrative Mental Health Certificate (Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC) 2015
Hypnotherapy Certification (Connecticut Healing Institute, Wallingford, CT) 2007
Usui Reiki Master Certification 2 (Angelic Healing Center, Norwalk CT) 2005
Usui Reiki Master Certification 1 (Master M. Lee) 2002
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT) 2001
Apprenticeship under Tarot Master/Master Psychic Patrick J. Olsen, 2006-2013
Peer Counselor Certificate (Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Peer Counseling Program) 1993