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KINGSTON, St.Andrew, Jamaica
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I am Dr Judit Baptiste, who is living, working in Kingston, Jamaica – West Indies, (in the Caribbean). However, I born and grew up in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am a retired geologist, who presently working as a Holistic Therapist/Integrated Body-worker/Reiki Master teacher. I was initiated to be a Reiki Master in 1994, January. Between 1997 May till the early years of the 21st century, I trained myself by the workshops of the Upledger Institute, in Florida, USA. The trainings had happened in the following fields: the Cranio-sacral therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Mechanical Link and in the Elements of Zero Balancing, which is a structural, energetical alignment of the bone structure of the physical body.(See, the listings of the courses, I done at the Institute, It’s website is:

In 2012/13, I developed a breakthrough technique to align the Atlas vertebrae just by my hands and with the energy within the individual, receiving the treatment. The technique is using the Cranio-sacral postulate, which says, that if any bone is not in it’s (God given) location, will move back on it’s own, if it is moved only with 5mg force.

Hence, the name, to my Atlas alignment technique, was given ACAT=Atlas Cranio Alignment Technique.

I had created a 2 – 2 and 1/2 hour session, built up from these different body-work modalities/techniques, combined with Energy treatments(Reiki with Chakra Balancing and/or Chakra Separation) and a full body, pain releasing, deep tissue Neuro-muscular body massage.

What treatments, I was giving to my clients, on the base of intuitively feeling into them, to see, as with what and how will, could I help them physically, but from mental/emotional and even from spiritual point of views, too!

Until, when Covid-19 and the Social distancing Act had ruined my physical contact needed healing practice.

Which then, triggered me to develop and start to use virtual, just energetically and over the phone by a guided visualization process implemented, distance healing sessions. Where, even the Cranio-sacral treatment can be given over the phone, in a virtual session, besides of course the Distant Reiki and the Chakra treatments.

And this is where, I am now!

I am here to help! I would/will be able to help people with these techniques, if people will find me!

Yours truly,

Judit Baptiste (Ph.D. in Geology); Holistic therapist/Integrated Body-worker; Reiki Master-teacher


Until now, mostly I was dealing with only Jamaican customers, my rates were accordingly lower, than when I did provided my services to people from the USA. To the USA clients, the 2-2 and 1/2 hour Integrated Body-work session was given for USD100, while the same to Jamaicans for only USD70.

The virtual, energetically implemented 1/2 hour session was/is given to overseas people for USD25, and to Jamaicans for J$2,500. While, the 1 hour virtual session is for USD45 , and J$4,500, accordingly, as to whom it was given.

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Reiki Master Initiation in January, 1994(Melbourne, Florida, USA); Ph.D. in Geology in 1996(Kingston, Jamaica); the first Cranio-sacral therapy workshop in May, 1997(Palm Beach Garden, Florida, USA); participation in several psychic workshops along the years in Jamaica.