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*Text or email for free to ask your questions and set up payment*

I am flexible with the payment and compassionate during this time of need in our world and I’m willing to work with you. 
Working for the past few years professionally as a psychic advisor, the guides have taught me to expect the unexpected. I will give you as much accurate information as I see and sense. I can connect with your spirit guides, give you insight into the path your guides are leading you on, and open the way for new direction in your life.
Sensing auras and opening the gateway to the spiritual world with Tarot readings are my favorite readings, often they show us what we need to pay attention to most of all in our lives. I’m here to advise you on moving toward a happier relationship or moving on, as a love advisor I find this is most often the most asked of questions.

I will give readings via text, email, and online chat. My rates are the lowest you will find online

Text or Chat services

    • $2 for each text and chat message with a minimum of five per session

Email Services

    • Bronze Package: $20 (500 word minimum with up to two questions)
    • Silver Package: $40 (850 word minimum with up to four questions)
    • Gold Package: $50 (1,000 word minimum with up to six questions

Energy and Aura Cleanse

    • Energy cleanse only done remotely with crystals – $100
    • Home cleanse only done remotely with crystals – $150
    • Both done remotely together with crystals – $200
    • Aura cleanse techniques and training – $20-200 
    • Prices are dependent upon energy and aura negativity 


Love Advisor

  • Are you on the right path
  • Is he/she right for you
  • Is there dishonesty or lies going on
  • Is he/she cheating on you
  • Is he/she your soulmate

Tarot Readings

  • What the cards mean that I’ve drawn for you
  • What cards in reverse mean and if this is negative
  • Upcoming challenges that affect you

Psychic Medium Services and Spiritual Guide

  • What do your spiritual guides want from you
  • Is there a spirit bringing darkness into your life
  • Do you have negative influence in your home and life
  • Are your ancestors trying to give you a message

Aura Reading

  • How is your aura matching with others around you
  • Do you feel you need an aura cleanse
  • What the colors and spectrum of your aura really means

Intuitive Life Coach

  • Do you have questions about where your life is heading
  • Want to know what’s really holding you back from accomplishing your goals
  • Questions about moving forward during rough times

**I do not answer financial, legal, baby gender, and medical questions**

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I have worked for years for a professional psychic business doing chat and email services.