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    Gifted Energy Body Expert

    Now she’s the healthiest person you could know, but that wasn’t always the case. Her entire life she was sick, very sick with one thing or another from the time she was a very little girl. She is a Medical Medium, but she and no one knew it. Even though she was a “Super Psychic” little girl, giving readings beginning at the age of 5, however no one attributed her life-long physical issues with any special abilities.

    “I know your pain-because I can feel it.”  She can literally feel what other people and animals feel in their bodies exactly how they feel it. If your back or chest or knee or head hurts, hers will too. All of her life this was a major issue but now she uses it to her advantage, knowing exactly how her clients feel. Also, she’s learned to control it quite easily. She is ultra intentional when tapping in, and if she suddenly feels energy that isn’t hers, she knows it and deals with it accordingly. While in a healing session she connects and gets a massive amount of information-better than any hospital scan!

    It’s been a wild and magical ride for her. From chronically ill her entire life with Fibromyalgia to super quantum distance healer & spiritual guide! It’s been a journey of discovery and Soul Mission integration for her…After a long road of Soul Source Code work, being guided and working extremely hard since 2015 to figure herself out and go as guided. Of course this is a continual process she is constantly working on, dedicating her life to her abilities and her duties on Mission, as a Lightworker.

    She is a  Full-Time Spiritual Guide & Quantum Healer, Psychic Advisor and Divinely Guided Artist.

    Her practice is full spectrum meaning that she works with you on every level of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual life to get you in alignment with your self, your body and your soul. There is nothing more empowering that taking full control of yourself, your life and your mission.

    Empowerment, Health and Independence

    Sovereignty for Lightworkers

    Before booking any spiritual or healing services with a new client, Infiniti requires that any potential client fills out a questionnaire which provides a lot of insight on you, your current physical and spiritual status and she is guided from there to either extend a FREE 60 minute evaluation & consultation for those with specific health issues. 45 minute consultations for healthy Lightworkers, healers, seers. coaches who want to level up and boost their ascension process and better connect them with their guides and higher timelines. Downloads, upgrades, power ascension days, Stargates and Portals all are more effective the healthier your energy body and spiritual alignment is.

    In your meeting you have the opportunity to talk with Infiniti about your health issues if there are any, and ask any questions that you may have about distance healing, and Infiniti even does a free mini clearing on the spot so you can experience what it’s like to work with her prior to booking or spending any money.

    This is a peaceful, space that is not pushy or disruptive at all, but very serious. What’s important to Infiniti is working with people who are ready for a new level of reality in their lives and willing to put forth the time, energy and work to get there. That’s not everyone, and that is ok with Infiniti, but she doesn’t book appointments with people who aren’t serious about their wellness and missions.

    She was guided to lay out her practice in this way so her clients are completely at peace with who she is and what she can do. They know that when they pay for services with her, she is the real deal and a true transformation for their life is on the horizon.

    For any sessions for phone or video psychic advice, tarot or oracle readings these consultations are not required. They are only necessary for any Chakra Clearing & Healing or Infinite Love Light Energy Infusion Healing Session, and all Deep Spiritual Sessions. Infiniti offers a wide rage of services for you, your children and your pets.

    The Spiritual World of Lightworkers

    A Lightworker, a natural healer, divinely connected angelic reincarnated over and over again to help humanity on the quest to rediscover the truth about themselves and the power that we all have within:

    The power to heal.

    She remembers and understands how the energy of the physical body works, how humans are a complex organic water body and electric computer system designed to self regulate and heal when necessary.

    By understanding and clearing the energy centers known as Chakras. Humans have many chakras throughout their body, however there are 7 main Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye & Crown that are connected to all main organs and functions of the body. From reproductive, digestive, respiratory, communication, thoughts/ideas and emotions and everything in between.

    When these energy centers are out of alignment, or blocked with energy either from past physical or emotional trauma, from outside influences, from energy attachments, entities and blocks which work like energy walls/holes that cause the disruption of energy flow. Sometimes very serious disruptions that left unchecked turn into major problems, like illness, disease and death and it happens daily because modern medicine doesn’t address the real issues.

    She now knows that the road to a healthy body isn’t through medications. It’s through knowing and  working with the energy in and around the body. She knows this because she lived a life filled with pain, prescriptions and modern medicine for decades and nothing actually helped. Nothing until she cleared her body of the energy that kept her chronically ill her entire life.

    Make no mistake, just because she is who and what she is doesn’t mean she is different from you in the sense that she is human in a human body and all of the rules apply to every single human:

    Your energy system is your key to wellness or illness.

    Knowing your particular body, set of circumstances and untangling those knots of energy and infusing it with the highest frequency in creation:

    Infinite Love Light Energy Infusion

    is how the body is healed. Using her abilities as a Psychic Physical Empath and Medical Medium and Quantum Alchemist she is able to connect to any body anywhere in the world and get information about it that the person themselves don’t know/didn’t tell her.

    She gets visions and actually “sees” what is going on inside the body, she is told from the Soul level the situation and how to handle each case individually when in session, once connected. Most importantly, this work is done by Infiniti from her home in the Southern California Mountains and while her patient is comfortable at home in bed. This is so convenient for everyone, especially her clients who don’t have to travel and once their session is complete-they can stay in that suspended state of healing and divine connectedness for as long as they like and leave their healing space when they are fully ready.

    A bridge.

    She is a liaison to your true self, your body that you don’t know exists yet, your soul and your Spirit Tribe. One of her Missions is to walk you across the bridge. To help you and your body, mind and spirit get into alignment so you can live your best life, live the mission you were put here to live.

    A true Divinely Guided Spirit Liaison here to help you heal and connect to yourself like you never knew was possible!

    Pay Less For Master Psychic Advice & Spiritual Guidance 

    Truly Connect With Your Guides & Guardians

    NOW-First Time Psychic Advice Clients Get 50% Off!

    PLUS A Gift

    A 15 Minute Phone Call FOR FREE!

    This gift can be used anytime after your first phone or video call.

    Returning Clients~Ask About Plan Pricing For Greater, Longterm Discounts

    Psychic Phone & Video companies charging upwards of $9.99 and as high as $12.99 and above PER MINUTE to speak on the phone or over video for the​ir Master Psychics, making an hour call cost $600+ while only a very small portion going to the psychic! Not only is it not fair, Infiniti feels it is unethical all the way around.

    Infiniti decided to do it another way. For you and for her. Work with a Master Psychic without paying the usual prices. Connect and pay her directly, and pay less than what you would going through a Psychic Phone or Video company.

    She is “The Real Deal” and quite a few companies have been interested in working with her, passing each stage of interviews and test readings each time she was tested. However, she has never followed through with worked for any of them because it never felt OK for her to charge her clients so much money. It’s much more personal to deal directly with her clients, have a deep, empowered relationship where it is mutually beneficial.

    All sessions are via Zoom Conference, please see for further information.

    Tarot & Oracle Price Rage $45-300

    Email, Recorded Voice & Live Readings available

    Chakra & Total Body Healing & Clearing

    Price Range from $300-700+

    30 or 60 Minute Sessions

    Price Range $150-$225

    Price Range $150+ (in conjunction with Total Body Healing)

    Total Body Healing, Post Surgery & Psychic Communication

    Price Range $50-200


    Mediumship, Akashic Records, Twin Flames


    Original Art & Animal Spirit Reading


    Provides Phone Services
    Provides Video Chat Services
    Provides Email Services
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    Certifications, Degrees, Awards

    Infiniti is a naturally gifted healer, psychic, channel & medium. She does not hold any certifications or degrees.

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