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WE all need to reach out sometimes. I am here. You are not alone.

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    Thanks for looking at my listing.  I am a Wellness Coach and an intuitive advisor. My background is in psychology, addiction, and trauma treatment. I have worked with survivors of violence. I have helped men and women who have been through trauma. I help people communicate better so they can more easily get what they need from the world. Through your work with me you will feel more empowered to get accomplished the important things in your life. I listen to my spirit guides and my intuition as I work with you. I help you gain perspective in situations that may be confusing to you.

    Personally, I deal with complex PTSD, Bipolar 2, and chronic migraines. I know how it is to struggle to make it day to day.  I know what it is like to wake up and feel too depressed to lift your head. I know what it is like to be hypomanic and not able to concentrate. I have felt what it is to be doing something and suddenly have my body react to something that causes me distress. My job is not to judge you. I want you to feel like someone is hearing you.

    Please know that I do not predict the future. That’s not my job. Also, if you want to know what someone is feeling or thinking about you…ask them, not me.  🙂 I don’t read minds. When you contact me I want to know what you want for our time together. Then we can clarify whether or not I can help you.

    I am not a therapist although I have had training and worked as a prelicensed therapist for 8 years. I have been able to work with sexual assault survivors and men and women involved with domestic violence. I have sat with men and women that have been raped as they have gotten a rape kit done. You are not alone in this. You do not have to walk your journey alone. I am here when you need me and are ready to do the work.

    Basically, when you contact me we talk. We have a conversation and communicate. I may lay down cards or I may not use any tools. I will always listen for my guides and their wisdom. Buy 30 min with me for $40 or 45 min for $55. I don’t do well with email readings however, we can start a convo that way. I do whatever we need to do during our “wellness” appointment. I just never know where we will travel together when you book an appointment with me. Wanna go on an adventure?  Let’s go!

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    AA Child Development

    BA Psychology UCSB

    MA Counseling UCSB

    BA and MA Metaphysical Sciences

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