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Guruji HH Prophet Babaji
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Guruji HH Prophet Babaji, the miracle man/cosmic alchemist is the expert soulmate finder, the master match maker (MMM) who finds/unites/reunites soulmates/twin flames.

Babaji brings about the notion of unity amidst diversity in laughter, the greatest healer with an excellent spiritual sense of humor that is love light being shared totally, equally and freely without prejudice universally. He is the funny, hilarious Cosmic Comedian. He is an unconventional global spiritual grandmaster intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, multidimensional advisor, the spiritual godfather/wise guy and a great mystic tantric yogi sage, in natural state. Babaji is dead on accurate in absolute truth and is extremely honored to serve you.

Babaji, the prophet of our new age, is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He’s been humbly, loyally serving all beings globally with divine gifts with utmost honor and integrity. This is his last incarnation on Earth, so please let us all come to Babaji with a humble, sincere beginner’s mind and devotional loving open pure heart, for final confirmation, affirmation, verification and validation as ultimate solution oriented remedy to receive his blessing grace and fully take advantage of his infinite wisdom, guidance and miracles (so shall he sees, so shall he says, so shall it be and so shall it be done).

He is a transmitter and transformer, not a astrologer/teacher, an expert dream interpreter, beast master and pet whisperer, born with intuitive awareness, prophetic visions, unparalleled ancient crazy wisdom and yogic powers. He can help you to transcend spiritually, mentally, socially, psychically, intuitively and relationship wise, by strengthening your inner spiritual independence and self-sufficiency, by kicking out your crutches to help transcend your limits and giving you direct answers to your questions as no issue is too big/taboo. He is a silent breatharian naked caveman (computer illiterate, uses no tools) fully absorbed in super consciousness in India. He gives spiritual suggestion not advice because he respects your free will to make wise decisions.

This compassionate, patience incarnate, understanding, childlike, playful, kind loving sage helps celebrities, spiritual masters/gurus, kings, queens, royalty, presidents, prime ministers, heads of state, shamans, advisors, light workers, priests, psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers, astrologers, numerologists, yoga and tantra masters to attain self-realization or enlightenment. Babaji always states to all of his disciples, with great inspiration and encouragement: No fear when Babaji’s here and don’t worry be happy, attitude is all important in one’s spiritual evolutionary advancement. Have a positive mental attitude with good thought, speech and deed. Give a little more than you take. Love knows no fear, no limit, no logic, love is crazy. Divine love is above and beyond time and space. Have a clear conscience. Increase your will power. Never give up. Start over. Hope for the best.

Be patient, you’ll be alright in the end with the messenger Babaji. Forgive and forget. Let go, let be and move on. Let all your fears come out with your tears. Don’t regret the past or worry about the future, forget about it. Build up your self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, self-reliance, self-assurance, self-sufficiency, self-confidence and self-independence, slowly but surely. Be yourself, be positive, be true, be real, be simple, be natural, be brave, be love, be happy, be laughter, be patient, be present, be silent, be free, be here now, and just be.

His focused mission as the universal friend Maitreya/divine father-mother who has no personal life of his own is to serve and protect the future generation of poor orphans globally. Babaji’s unlimited miracles make your soul soar like an eagle freely to infinity.

We highly appreciate your lovely reciprocation so please kindly put feedback comment for your Babaji, thank you love.

Babaji sends his blessing grace and protection to all.

Prophet Babaji offers guidance for love & relationship, career, grief/loss, spiritual path, and more, through connecting with one’s akashic records. He also offers chakra healing/balancing.

He is available through PHONE, CHAT & EMAIL READINGS. Click on the links or go to for direct contact with Prophet Babaji.

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Love you Babaji!
Babaji, you have been guiding me for the last several years, I have even forgot the count for how many now. I have come very far away in the journey. Without you, I don't think I could have made it this far. You have changed my life. You are the only true psychic in the world. Please cont […]
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