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Daniel Teague
Distance Energy Healing and Paranormal services

United States
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$40.00 - $400.00
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    Daniel is a Soul Walk-in with empathic psychic abilities that when used can “tap in” to energy fields on an international level and scan the field for negative anomalies. He can then remove the anomalies. He creates new services with the assistance of his guides.  He loves to help people and animals feel normal again.

    Daniel’s primary contact method is email. When contacting no backstory information is needed, only  names of family members, pets and street names of homes. Energy scans are completed and findings are sent. Inquire for more information.

    Listen to his story on the interview posted below.  Also Daniel was published in a new book about Soul Walk-ins

    Walk-ins: The Cosmology of the Soul




    Examples of distance healing services:

    Simple services:

    • 7 Chakra balancing (humans, dogs, cats and horses)
    • Chakra hook cutting
    • Emotional block cutting
    • Parasite cord cutting
    • General sleep cord cutting
    • Deep sleep repair cord cutting
    • Energy field clearing for negative energy in homes and businesses’

    Advanced services:

    • Energy field implant & portal removing
    • Spirit dismissal
    • Demonic anomaly clearing
    • Demonic corruption clearing
    • IDB-NEF corruption clearing
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    Things that go bump in the night
    I had Daniel clear a spirit for me. One particular night while I was binge watching a Netflix show, I heard a noise inside my house that was out of the norm. It sounded like someone moving boxes and dropping them on the wood floor upstairs. I was annoyed because I was invested in watching […]
    1 vote
    The real deal
    Daniel has worked on me, my friends, family and our pets. The energy work he has done on us has catapulted our lives. I tried alot of other so called "healers" but they were fake and they charged too much. Daniels healings work instantly on me. I highly recommend anyone to get a scan from […]