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Aurora Marie
Truly Gifted Psychic Medium & Healer

Providing Readings Since
Duryea, PA, United States
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$0.00 - $60.00
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Hello I was born gifted since as early as I can recall I heard and saw Angels, the deceased in the light. I am A Psychic Medium, who happens to be Claircognizant- innate wisdom, Clairaudient- hear Angels, Spirit Guides, And Departed Loved ones, Clairvoyant- See past, present & Future, Clairsentient- feel others emotions and physical pain. I taught myself the art of tarot and oracle card readings at age 12. I do not require tools, I work with the Akashic records, and with your permission can look up information on yourself. I also am a medium and can connect with the deceased. I specialize in working with God, and angels and sending love and healing energy to whoever needs it. I
As a child it was difficult because I was always able to know what others thought or felt of me in school and such. I can help you lovingly solve any dilemma, provide closure with deceased, and predict future experiences. I am the real deal. I work with loving beings snd decline negative readings. I am a positive loving LightWorker. I am also a vegetarian and happy to Assist.

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