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In the past I have had some painful ailments regarding my lower back and my elbows. Unfortunately because I was so busy with work I could never go investigate the issues at a doctors office. I met with Infiniti and she offered me a new way to heal my ailments.

Infiniti claimed she has healing properties that could help me with my pain & energy. At first I wasn’t sure if this would work, but to my surprise after one meeting with Infiniti she was able to drastically reduce the pain in my lower back.

Infiniti had brought out a massage table and worked on my back, during the healing session I was able to feel her working with my energy and healing my lower back!

I realized that Infiniti truly had the ability to heal with her advanced knowledge in healing energy. I went back to see if Infiniti could heal my elbows, I’m happy to say that my elbows felt drastically better immediately in a couple of different sessions.

I highly recommend looking into Infiniti’s energy healing sessions, they have worked miracles on me, see what Infiniti can do for you!

Dakota H.


Infinite Love Light Energy Spot Healing

*This review was submitted by Infiniti’s client directly to her website. You can see it here

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