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I had Daniel clear a spirit for me. One particular night while I was binge watching a Netflix show, I heard a noise inside my house that was out of the norm. It sounded like someone moving boxes and dropping them on the wood floor upstairs. I was annoyed because I was invested in watching my show so I ignored it and did not want to be bothered. No one was home at the time but me. Within the hour, I heard another loud obnoxious banging noise but outside this time that sounded like someone or something (maybe a deer) was body slamming up against my garage doors. It was so loud, it was alarming that I was ready to call 911. I went outside to investigate with a flash light and had 911 already to go but no one and nothing was there and no dents in my garage doors either. The next day I noticed a painting was crooked too. I contacted Daniel and he found a trespasser spirit causing all of these problems. I had him clear the trespasser spirit and the issues were resolved very quickly and they did not return.

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