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One of the most difficult pieces of building a LightWorker income is finding the clients. We make it easy!

Keep your Earnings

You keep 100% of payments because clients pay you direct. This allows you to set reasonable rates for your customers while your earnings increase.

Direct Connections

You choose what information is posted on your listing so clients can connect directly to you.

Professional Image

Customers need to trust the advisor they choose for their readings. Your listing provides a professional image for your services..

Special Launch

Message to Lightworkers

The LightWorker Guide has been developed by the team at PsychicPRO. We support the LightWorker community with job listings, advertising solutions, website design and more.

Launching this website was on our plan for early 2021. However, with the current pandemic, we wanted to make this tool available as soon as possible so LightWorkers have another option to build their remote, work from home businesses.

We had originally planned to offer just a limited number of discounted listings during our launch event. However, we’ve decided to keep this special pricing in place for as long as this pandemic is limiting the face-to-face options for serving others.

We’ve priced the listings at over 65% off the standard rate. We’ve also added an option to purchase a lifetime listing at a crazy low price. Plus, we’ve eliminated the standard setup fee. And, we’re committed to adding all listing fees we receive into our advertising campaigns to bring more traffic and paying customers to the guide.

Our goal with the LWGuide is to connect LightWorkers with clients. That’s it! Working for the big networks and psychic websites can be a great way to earn an income. However, when you work for yourself, you keep 100% of what the clients pay. Given time, many LightWorkers find that they can make far more working for themselves

We hope the community will discover that this guide is a big resource for making meaningful and lasting connections with open-minded individuals who will benefit from your special skills and insight.

The need for LightWorkers is at an all time high.

The global levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and pain can be overwhelming. As an intuitive individual, you probably find yourself on the frontlines of these emotions. Please always remember you are appreciated. Make sure you’re doing everything you can for your health and well-being.

Always remember, “Give Light, and people will find the way.”


Claim Your Listing

1. Choose which package works best for your needs (Basic, Expanded or Pro)

2. Click on the Get Started Button for the approprate listing type.

3. We’ll walk you through entering all the details for your listing – don’t worry, you can always edit it later!


Simple listing perfect for beginners.

$30  $15

1 Year Listing, no automatic renewall

1 Specialty Category

1 photo

Link to your website

Listing Name and Tagline

Limited Profile Section

Limited Details Section

Expires after 1 year. You can choose to renew.

Plus $15 setup fee (Waived during launch event)


Most Popular!

Expanded options give you more control over your listing. Perfect for Business Builders.

$60  $30

1 Year Listing, no automatic renewall

4 Specialty Categories

So more people will view your listing!

Include upto 5 photos

Plus edit your banner image and include videos

Expanded Profile

More space to write your profile. Plus, a section to include your credentials and awards.

Social Networks

Include links to your Facebook, Pinterist, Twitter or other social networks.

Available Now Hours

Post your available hours and your profile will be included in the Available Now listings automatically during your business hours.

Expanded Contact Info

You can link to your own website and include contact info such as phone or email.

Services and Pricing

Include information on the services you provide including pricing and payment options.


Customers can leave reviews on your listing. Our moderation process ensures nobody is able to malicously tank your ratings.

Expires after 1 year. You can choose to renew.

Plus $15 setup fee (Waived during launch event)


Best Value!

Everything found in the Expanded listing with some big additional benefits!

$120  $55

1 Year Listing, no automatic renewall

FEATURED Listing Status ($25 value)

CONTACT Me Form ($10 Value)

Visitors can contact you directly by submitting a form on your page!

UNLIMITED Specialty Categories ($5 Value)

UNLIMITED photos ($5 value)

Expires after 1 year. You can choose to renew.

Plus $15 setup fee (Waived during launch event)


Never Renew Again!

$420  $125

All the benefits of a PRO listing, including new features as they are rolled out at no additional cost!

Update your listing anytime but never pay to renew again!


We’ve packed a lot of value into the Directory Listings. Here are all the features currently available. Keep an eye out for upcoming feature enhancements and more.


Specialty Categories

We provide a variety of categories for you to choose from when creating your listing.


The Lightworker Guide currently has over 15 different specialty categories for clients to choose when viewing the listings.

Most LightWorkers may want to make sure their listing appears in at least one of these most popular categories:

  • Psychics
  • Tarot Readers
  • Mediums
  • Astrologers
  • Love Advisors
  • Intuitive Life Coaches

We also have many other choices for you to pinpoint your specific skills and abilities.

PRO listings can choose an unlimited number of specialty categories for their listing.

EXPANDED listings can be listed in upto 4 specialties.

BASIC listings can be listed in 1 specialty.

Social Networks

List your social networking accounts so clients have another option for connecting with you.


Potential clients may want to interact with you on social media. We make it easy for you to share your social media accounts so visitors can click through and connect directly with you on any of the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • and more

Available on PRO and EXPANDED listings.

Your Profile

Share some important information about your skills and abilities, experiences and credentials.


We provide plenty of room for you to write a compelling profile to explain why someone should connect with you for a reading or other services. We also include a section for you to list your credentials and awards.

PRO and EXTENDED listings have virtually unlimited space to build their profile and include any information they wish.

BASIC listings have a limited space to provide a brief overview.

Include Photos

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so personalize your listing with your own photo, pictures, artwork, etc.


Your listing has a few options for posting photos to further enhance your page.

First, there’s your Main Photo, which shows up at the top of your listing page and also in the search results.

There’s also a banner image on the top of your page that can be edited.

Finally, there’s a section for additional images. This is a great place to showcase pictures of you, your workspace, your tools, products you’ve created, artwork, etc.

PRO listings can update their banner image and include an unlimited number of photos/images.

EXPANDED listings can update their banner image and include upto 5 photos/images.

BASIC listings can include 1 photo/image.

Available Now! Status

Your listing status can update with the Available Now! label during your scheduled available hours.


You can include a schedule of your availability and post that on your listing. Then, visitors know when you are available and can request an appointment during your available times.

You can choose to enter specific hours, or “by appointment only.”

Plus, when ever your available hours are active, there will be a “AVAILABLE NOW!” label on your listing. We also make it easy for visitors to find experts who are available for immediate contact.


Available on PRO and EXTENDED listings.



You’ll have access to your own dasboard where you can manage your listing details and make easy updates.


You’ll find it super simple to enter the information needed for your listing. The online form explains each step of the way, and most can submit their listing in just a few minutes!

Plus, updating your listing is always FREE and easy! You’ll have a back-end dashboard where you can manage your listing, make any changes you want to the text or other details, add or remove your photos and videos, update your schedule and more.

When you’re done, just save your changes and your page will update immediately.


All listings include the backend dashboard.

Contact Details

You decide what contact information to include in your listing, allowing clients to reach you directly.


Choose what information you make available on your listing. You can include:

  • Your Website
  • Your business phone
  • Your business address
  • Email Address

PRO and EXPANDED listings can include all contact details.

BASIC listings can include their website.


Contact Me Form

Your listing can include a Contact Form. Visitors can send you email directly through the form.


Your listing can include a contact form for visitors to fill out. The results are immediately emailed to you. This can be a great tool to connect with clients who want to book a session immediately.

Included on PRO listings.

Available as an add-on upgrade for BASIC and EXPANDED listings.

List Your Services

You can include details about your services, prices, payment methods and more.


We’ve included a section where you can enter details about your services. You can include any information you want, including:

  • Types of readings you provide
  • Prices for your sessions
  • Update with special offers or discounts
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Detailed directions for getting a reading
  • More!

Available for PRO and EXPANDED listings.

Include Videos

If you have videos you’d like to include in your listing, there’s a place for that too! 


Videos are a great way to showcase your skills and abilities. Consider posting a video showing how you do your readings. Or post a weekly horoscope video. Or perhaps a video showcasing your tarot cards.

Videos have proven to be an effective method for generating interest and engaging with new customers. We make it easy to add videos to your profile.

Available on PRO and EXPANDED listings.


Customers love seeing reviews and ratings, so we’ve made it easy to integrate into your listing.


Reviews and Ratings are important to show visitors that your services are legitimate and that you are actively seeing clients.

We’ve made it easy for visitors to leave reviews about your services. Here’s how it works:

  1. A visitor has the option to leave a 1-5 star rating and a written review.
  2. Each review is checked by our staff before being published.
  3. If approved, the review is added to your listing.
  4. You’ll receive an email notification anytime a review is published.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can add your own reviews you’ve received from other sites.
  • We believe that reviews and ratings can create a positive experience for both the Lightworker and the Clients.
  • We moderate every review to ensure that no “trolls” try to lower your rating.
  • We beleive that the reviews should reflect “testimonials” as to why someone should choose you for a reading.
  • We also believe that the information on your listing should be under your control.
  • If you ever feel that a review should be removed, just let us know.

Available on PRO and EXPANDED listings.


Featured Status

Featured listings are listed at the top of search results and are highlighted throughout our website.


This premium add-on (FREE with PRO listings!) is a great way for anyone who wants to stand out. 

Featured listings show at the top of all searches, have the special “FEATURED” label, and are highlighted throughout our website.

These listings get greater exposure.


Featured Status in included in PRO listings or can be purchased through your dashboard as an add-on for EXPANDED and BASIC listings.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

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1. Choose which package works best for your needs (Basic, Expanded or Pro)

2. Click on the Get Started Button for the approprate listing type.

3. We’ll walk you through entering all the details for your listing – don’t worry, you can always edit it later!